Fender Redondo Player Model Electric Acoustic Guitar in Electric Jade - AWESOME ギター





Fender Redondo Player Model Electric Acoustic Guitar in Electric Jade - AWESOME


Bold and brash, the chest-thumping sound of this big-bodied acoustic was designed to inspire from the moment you pick it up. The exclusive slope-shouldered Redondo body shape has a rich, commanding voice that fills any room. The gloss metallic top, back and sides, as well as a matching painted 6-in-line headstock and cr?me binding, give it a shot of electrifying attitude. Dynamic, unique and unconventional?like today’s guitarists?the Redondo Player refuses to be bound by the past.
The same no-compromise attitude that gives the Redondo Player its uniquely killer vibe extends to every aspect of its construction. It features optimized bracing for reduced mass and superior resonance, a Graph Tech? NuBone? nut and saddle for greater sustain and a Fishman? preamp system that makes it easy to plug in without sacrificing the guitar's natural sound. Its lightweight mahogany neck features a comfortable, easy-to-play, slim-taper "C"-shaped profile suitable for any playing style and its walnut fingerboard and bridge further augment its vibrant tone. With superb playability, distinctive looks and unmistakably Fender vibe, the Redondo Player is an inspiring instrument that was made for self-expression.


状態: 新品(新品)
ブランド: Fender
モデル: 0970713019
塗装: Electric Jade
カテゴリー: 内蔵型電子機器, ドレッドノート
年: 2018
右利き /?左利き 右利き
弦の数 6弦
トップの木のスタイル プレーン
ボディーシェイプ ドレッドノート
塗装のスタイル グロス
ボディ特性 カットアウェイ
搭載されている機器 ピエゾ