Boulder Creek Classical Cutaway Cedar/Rosewood Guitar w/Pickup, ECL-4 ギター





Boulder Creek Classical Cutaway Cedar/Rosewood Guitar w/Pickup, ECL-4


The offer solid tops, solid backs, and laminated sides for strength and durability. Wood from around the world are used on the top, sides and back. Take your pick of either solid spruce and solid cedar tops and backs and sides are available in both mahogany and rosewood.
An excellent guitar for the professional looking for world class performance in the studio or on stage as well as the beginner looks for a pro instrument that they can keep for a lifetime and grow with.
Being a musician, you will get an amazing sounding instrument that doesn't encounter the same feedback issues linked to the “standard” acoustic guitar. Players and sound engineers alike gush about Boulder Creek instruments because they're hassle free and do what they're expected to do on-stage or perhaps in the recording studio! In addition to that a distinctive appearance and you've got an instrument that attracts the interest everywhere.
Features and Specifications:
Series Classical NylonBody Style Classical Cutaway A/EFinish GlossScale 25 5/8″Nut Width 2″ (51mm)Pickup System AB4-T preamp with built-in chromatic tuner
The Boulder Creek Classical Acoustic Guitars like the Stage and Studio Series have the SBS bracing system. With sound ports located on top of the guitar the sound is projected up rather then out front. Perfect for players who play for themselves a lot. Since guitar players spend over 90% of the time playing with just themselves and their guitar. The ideal second guitar as well. Because the soundboard is increased without a sound hole in front these guitars produce more bass and treble then standard guitars.
They sound wonderful out front too. The smaller sound hole on top also produces extra low end frequencies with can be heard around the room. With the available AB4-T Preamp system your all set of stage or professional recording gigs.


状態: 新品(新品)
ブランド: Boulder Creek
モデル: Classical
塗装: Black
カテゴリー: 内蔵型電子機器