Ibanez SRAS7 7-String Bass DEB Electric Bass Dragon Eye Burst ギター





Ibanez SRAS7 7-String Bass DEB Electric Bass Dragon Eye Burst


The SRAS7 is a new innovation from Ibanez. It's a 7-string hybrid design bass, with the lowest three strings being fretless and the additional four strings being fretted. Both parts of this bass have individual features tailored to their own intended sound. The fretless side features a Purpleheart fretboard, AeroSilk Mono-rail V bridge, and AeroSilk Piezo pickup. The fretted side features a Rosewood fretboard, Mono-rail V bridge, and two SRAS Super J passive pickups with Ibanez 2-band EQ. All of these features pulled together by a 7-piece Maple/Purpleheart/Rosewood neck and a Poplar Burl/Ash top with a Mahogany body make this a bass with an incredible amount of versatility and tone.

・ 10 lbs 7 oz
・Dragon Eye Burst Finish
・Poplar Burl/Ash Top + Mahogany Body
・SRAS7 7pc Maple/Purpleheart/Rosewood Neck
・Purpleheart Fretboard (Fretless)/Rosewood Fretboard (Fretted) Fretboard
・Fretless (7th to 5th String)/ 22 Medium Frets (4th to 1st string)
・AeroSilk Mono-Rail V Bridge (Fretless) + Mono-Rail V Bridge (Fretted) (16mm String Spacing)
・34‰??_??? Scale Length
・63mm Nut Width
・SRAS Super J Neck Pickup (Fretted) (Passive) + SRAS Super J Bridge Pickup (Fretted) (Passive) + AeroSilk Piezo Pickup (Fretless)
・Ibanez 2-band EQ (Fretted)
・Black Matte Hardware
Includes: PaperworkPart Number: SRAS7DEB


状態: 新品(新品)
ブランド: Ibanez
モデル: SRAS7 7-String Bass DEB
塗装: Dragon Eye Burst
カテゴリー: 5弦と5弦以上
年: 2018
右利き /?左利き 右利き
ボディーシェイプ ダブル カットアウェイ
ボディ特性 オフセット