Ibanez TMB100 Left-Handed Talman Bass - Black BASS ESSENTIALS BUNDLE ギター



Ibanez TMB100 Left-Handed Talman Bass - Black BASS ESSENTIALS BUNDLE


What's included in this bundle:
Ibanez TMB100 Left-Handed Talman Bass - Black - QTY 1
Ibanez Talman standard 4-string left-handed electric bass guitar in black finish.
Kraft Music Clip-On Electronic Tuner - QTY 1
Clip the tuner to your headstock, flick on the power, and you're ready to tune. As you play a string, the built-in sensor will quickly read the instrument's vibrations and indicate the pitch in the meter.
Kraft Music Instrument Cable by Strukture - 10' - QTY 1
This instrument cable has a metal headshell and spring-steel strain relief. A great addition to this exclusive offer.
On-Stage GSA10BK Guitar Strap - Black - QTY 1
This basic strap is a great match for any acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass guitar. It features a wide adjustment range, and heavy-duty polypropylene construction.
On-Stage XCG-4 Classic Guitar Stand - QTY 1
This height adjustable stand is very stable and won't scratch your instrument's finish.
Yamaha Bass Guitar Gig Bag - QTY 1
A good fit for bass guitars, this bag offers a basic level of protection and will keep your instrument safe from scratches. This case includes an external pocket for accessories and a single back straps for easy transportation. If you need additional protection, we recommend a hardshell case. See Kraft Music's other BUNDLES for hard case options.

フィニッシュ:Satin Polyurethane